Weekly Group Healing Circle

How would you like your Aura cleared of any negative energy and cords cut on a weekly basis without paying full price?
Pranic Healing is an amazing energy healing that removes dirty or negative energy and replaces it with clean positive energy. When dirty energy gets attached to your aura and is not cleared it can enter your chakras and that is when you can begin to feel ill. When we interact with family, friends, acquaintances, we are corded. Some of those cords are from people who use your energy and can drain you.  This circle is a private group that meets weekly on Facebook but you do not need to be present. You will receive the healing service regardless of whether you are in attendance.

$39.00 per month

A monthly auto payment is set up to pay for this service and is renewed every month. Once you have make your first payment you will receive a link to the Private Group.


Please contact me for any questions here.