“Change seems a lot less scary and overwhelming when working with Lynda. She helps you break it down into smaller pieces so everything seems possible. The Mastering Your Soul Path: Toxic To Transformation is definitely magic. You won’t regret signing up – you’ll regret NOT signing up! This is an important experience for anyone who has struggled with issues to take back their life, set boundaries, love yourself and let go of the past and become your authentic, beautiful empowered and happy self!”

- Annissa A.

“I was very stressed out due to my young adult son’s deteriorating mental condition. We continued to see his doctor but nothing was improving. I had a Soul Path Discovery reading by Lynda and learned she was also a Pranic Healer and decided to have her work with my son. I saw immediate results after the first healing session and continue to see changes based on her coaching, healing, and recommendations. My stress level has been reduced and I now have more time for myself and other members of my family. I have learned so much from her and plan to work with her in the future for my own growth and development.”

– Maria

“Working with Lynda is a commitment. A commitment to yourself, to the life you know you’re capable of living, to the dreams you have long had buried deep inside. This is your chance to step forward. Lynda will help you set boundaries and say no to negative circumstances in your life and say yes while guiding you in the direction of your dreams. Most of all, the sense of inner peace and healing that Lynda’s program imparts is invaluable.”

- Chana T.

“Over the past 3 years, I have been in a brain fog. I eventually isolated myself as I had tics, body pain and severe headaches which was difficult to communicate to family members. After my first sessions with Lynda, my tics disappeared, and then the pain in my arms and legs also healed and the headaches were greatly reduced. I am very grateful that my mom found Lynda to assist in my healing and getting my life back.”

- Gasper

“Lynda is a treasure of the rarest kind. Very seldom do you meet someone who listens as deeply, cares as unconditionally, teaches as compassionately and stands by you as fiercely as this remarkable soul. Her life experience has taught her to reject old belief systems and to love unconditionally. Now she is clearly dedicated to bringing others from suffering to a renewed life, and she is extremely good at it. This is an gift you must give yourself if you have any desire to live fully and freely in this lifetime.”

- Sharon H.

“I had several procedures on my sinus' and they were always painful. I scheduled a Pranic Healing prior to my procedure and I had no pain! It was amazing!”

- Lance