Cleaning Heart and Hearth

Four years ago, my job had me traveling a lot and a lot of things got behind at home and clutter began to be created in the house. When I got home on the weekends, the last thing I wanted to do was clean house. Then my mother moved in and brought a lot more with her than what was needed, including emotional baggage, so more clutter but she liked to clean which I hated, and this brought out triggers from my childhood which were meant for me to deal with. Instead of facing it, I rebelled again, pushing it aside, and when she moved out, she left more "stuff" and the house was still in a cluttered disorganized mess. What I never appreciated was what she did do while she was here and now it was up to me but I still rebelled. Less than a year later she passed, so 2018 comes around and I still had a lot of clutter and a lot of disorganization. I felt overwhelmed and the energy around me felt blocked. Believe it or not, we healers and intuitives go through depression and anxiety but along the way, I've learned tools to get through it but clutter and disorganization still made me feel overwhelmed and I would look at the task and just wanted to give up. My sister on the other hand, has always had a very organized and non-cluttered house so when she needed me to help her through her breast cancer and surgery, I was there in a heartbeat. The energy in her house was so different than mine and I had time to reflect on the lessons that I was avoiding for the past 2 years...but I was still not quite ready to face the challenge of doing what I needed to do. 
I flew back, again, for Thanksgiving to be with her and the organized and clutter free environment felt so good. This time, I was inspired. If you have read my bio on my website, you know that I'm very spiritual and I'm not religious. I still enjoy holiday time, generosity is in the air, we spend more time with family, even though I feel like this should be all the time, the whole planet seems to get into it at this time. I realize it can also be a sad time for some people and a bit lonely but I tend to be that person who looks for the sunshine not the rain. Back to my story, my sister loves to decorate for all the seasons, she is so creative, and she and her husband started right after Thanksgiving. By the time I left, I had unpacked quite a bit of my "baggage" and recognized what I needed to do to change how I felt including my environment/house. It was liberating but I knew it would still be a huge undertaking. Last week, I made an impact in one of the biggest rooms in the house and my sons girlfriend even offered to help which was such a blessing. The energy in the house has already shifted! But was it really "the house"? It is an extension of me, but really all about me.

There is much more to do but it is happening for me Now! How did I get here from feeling overwhelmed and depressed?

1) Inner reflection - meditation (Twin Hearts meditation) and asking for inner guidance daily!

2) Forgiveness. I struggle to forgive myself so I use the Forgiveness meditation which helps me let go.

3) I hired a healer/mentor to help me. Yes, Healers and Intuitives need to grow and evolve and we need mentors just like everyone else! My own lessons are evidence I can do this and teach others to do it as well but we cannot always do it alone. Pranic healing helps remove negative and old emotions so the inner work I do and releasing old emotions ties together!

4) Moving, exercise. We need to move out bodies! Walk, Dance, whatever works for you!!

I feel totally different than last year at this time and part of it is because I choose to embrace the changes I need to make. You can too!

And if you need help, I am here. 

Love to all of you!